Engaging in the CSU Community

Throughout a student’s time at CSU, there may be a variety of ways that a student will need to, or want to, engage with the CSU Community. Parent and Family Programs is here throughout the journey to partner with you, as you support your student. 

Below are some commonly referenced resources:

Academic Support, Resources and Information

Information about academic programs, support, registration, policies, and education abroad.

Campus Resources and Involvement

Information about ways to engage with the CSU community. From student clubs and organizations, to the Career Center - there are many ways to get engaged!

Career Exploration

Information about CSU's Career Center, committed to helping students navigate career exploration, prepare for interviews, build networks, and so much more!

Intervention and Support

Sometimes students experience incredibly challenging situations. The campus has a variety of ways to support students as they navigate difficult situations.

Student Diversity Programs and Services

Information about programs and services committed to inclusive campus environments.

Housing and Dining Needs

Information to support students basic needs - Residence Life and Dining Services provide many options for students as they navigate housing and dining needs.

Money Matters

Information about student financial aid, bill pay, student employment, and FAMweb.

Student Health and Wellness

Information about ways to support student health and well-being. From resources at the CSU Health Network, to programs offered at the Recreation Center.

Transition Through the Years

Information about common experiences for students and families as a student navigates each year at CSU.