FAMweb and RAMweb

Students have the ability to designate specific individuals to have secure online access to view selected education records through FAMweb. CSU students have the right and responsibility to choose to provide, update or withdraw FAMweb access, all of which is managed from within their RAMweb account.

Parent and Family Programs strongly suggests you have a conversation with your student about the ability to, and level of, access to their student records. Students should grant individuals access prior to the start of the school year to ensure that these individuals do not miss any important communications (such as billing notifications).

We encourage you to work with your student now to set up a FAMweb account. This will save time and stress when deadlines arrive to pay bills or access important tax information. For directions on how to gain access to FAMweb, see the “How To” page.

FAMweb: Family Portal

RAMweb: Student Portal

The following types of student information can be viewed by designated individuals:

  • eBilling Information (including CSU Prepayment Plan) 
  • Financial Aid Information
  • Grades for Last Completed Term
  • Unofficial Transcript
  • Weekly Class Schedule
  • Tax Information

Provides students with tools to manage the following information and much more:

  • Registration Process
  • Academic Planning and Progress
  • Managing Student Records (FAMweb Access)
  • Financial Aid Information and Management
  • Billing Information
  • Health Network Requirements
  • Student Employment Information