How do I best support my student?

As with any significant life change, the transition to the University environment can be filled with ups and downs, times for celebration, and also challenges.  It is a period of significant growth for students, which can result in a shifting of the student’s role within their family/support system.  Often the difficulties that result from the transition, are merely the student and their support system adjusting to new expectations and roles.

We want to reassure you that throughout your student’s time at CSU, Parent and Family Programs is here for you as a resource.  As you and your student experience the challenges and the moments of celebration, remember that you are a very important and valued member of a team – both here on campus and at home – that are here to support your student.  Parent and Family Programs believes that you know your student best, and in times of need, you’re often the first point of contact – so do not hesitate to partner with us to help support your student through the many transitions one experiences during this very exciting time in a student’s life.

We also recognize that at different times during a student’s collegiate career, there may be different types of commonly experienced challenges or obstacles and we’ve put together some resources to help!  These resources help support understanding of what your student, and family, may experience.  Remembering that we all experience and process transition, or change, differently do not ever hesitate to contact our office to discuss your specific situation.  Parent and Family Programs can be reached at (970) 491-6680 or by email at