Office of Financial Aid

Office of Financial Aid has tools to assist you and your CSU student. The Office of Financial Aid is committed to supporting you and your student as you explore options for financial aid and navigate billing.  Ultimately, as your student gains financial independence from you, this office is here to make that transition a smooth and positive one.

FAMweb: Family Portal

FAMweb provides students with the ability to designate trusted individuals, such as parents and family members, to have secure online access to view selected educational information from the student’s record. When discussing money matters with your student, it may be important to have access to this portal – which includes billing information, options for payment, and financial aid information.  Click here to learn how to gain access to FAMweb.

To Whom Can the Office of Financial Aid Release Information?

All institutions of higher education are required to follow FERPA (Family Education Rights and Privacy Act).  FERPA’s mission is to protect your student’s information.  When contacting the Office of Financial Aid, family members should expect to provide your student’s name, CSUID number, and answer a series of questions every time you contact the office. Thank you for helping us to ensure your student’s privacy protections are being met.