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Homecoming and Family Weekend 2022 is October 13th-15th!

Parent and Family Programs will either be hosting or will be present at several events during Homecoming and Family Weekend. We hope you will engage with us and our campus partners for HCFW, as you spend time with your student!

Parent and Family Programs HCFW Interest Sessions 

Finding your Home: Housing Options for Next Year and Beyond

LSC 308, 9-10am, Friday October 14th

Is your student looking to stay or come back on-campus for housing, or looking for off-campus housing? Are they considering what type of housing will best meet their needs for next year and beyond? We are excited for your student’s potential transition into different housing options, and sometimes navigating that process can be complex in Fort Collins. This panel, presented by Off Campus Life and Housing and Dining Services will offer options that are available to students preparing for their second year or beyond.

Experience an Education Abroad – 2022!

LSC 304, 10-11am, Friday October 14th

Traveling abroad gives CSU students a chance to engage in programs globally that focus on study, research, internships, service learning, and other opportunities. With a shifting world also comes different expectations around how students engage with international travel. Join both students and staff from the Education Abroad office to talk about opportunities as well as financial aid and other resources available to students who want to travel and study in another country.

Get (Re)Engaged! Opportunities for Campus Involvement

LSC 306, 1-2pm, Friday October 14th

Many students find that campus involvement contributes positively to their experience at CSU by promoting a sense of community/belonging, supporting academic/career interests, proving opportunities for leadership, and supporting personal growth/development. Despite this, some students can feel overwhelmed by the amount of opportunities available to them at CSU, or have difficulty identifying an entry point for their specific involvement interests.  Many of these concerns have been exasperated for students throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.  Join us for an informational session by students and staff from the Student Leadership, Involvement, and Community Engagement (SLiCE) Office about how your student can get involved, connected to others, and engaged in expanding their experience at CSU.

Getting Your Student “Ram Ready” For their Career

LSC 304, 2-2:45pm, Friday October 14th

Engaging with the host of career resources available through CSU’s Career Center can be a huge opportunity for students to get ready for life after they graduate, while also being overwhelming. Come join this interest session where staff and students who work at the Career Center will help give you helpful tips, explain resources that are available to your students, as well as best practices for engaging with the Career Center and employers.

We will have a table at Festival on the Oval from 3-5pm MST on Friday, October 14th

Saturday, October 15th

Parent and Family Tailgate

within the Coors Light Ram Walk Tailgate 

Saturday, Oct. 15 | 1-4:30 p.m.

Join us to connect with fellow parents, families, alumni, and current students. We welcome all to gather together, meet new people, and celebrate CSU. This event is separate from the football game, and is another great opportunity to engage with the CSU community. Whether you are attending the homegame or not; we hope to see you at our Parent and Family Social!