Who are RamFam Ambassadors?

Parent and family members of current and former students who serve the Ram Family in a variety of ways, including (but not limited to!) hosting events in their local community, engaging with parent and family members of current, incoming, and former students through communal support networks, volunteering during events at CSU, and donating and/or fund raising for the parents fund and larger university.  The mission of the RamFam Ambassador program is for Ambassadors serve as a community of individuals who strive to support student growth, provide for student needs, and foster student success.

RamFam Ambassadors are critical members of our Ram Family. As a member of the CSU RamFam, you join a community of individuals who are striving to advance the CSU student and family experience in the University’s ongoing mission of excellence. The RamFam Ambassadors Program is founded on the following pillars, as a means of achieving this mission:


Being a part of the Ram Family fosters spaces of belonging. Parents and family members will find dynamic and creative ways to get involved at CSU, as well as an energetic community with individuals who are dedicated to sharing in their students’ college experience.


Being a part of the Ram Family means being together. Parents and family members understand the importance of building CSU community both in Fort Collins and across the country.


Being a part of the Ram Family means giving back to the institution. Parents and family members recognize the significance of developing spaces for holistic learning for students and want to contribute to infrastructure and resources that will provide for student success.

Here at CSU, we recognize that your involvement in your student’s college journey is critical to reaching a collective goal of student success: graduation.  Become a RamFam Ambassador by completing the “volunteer form“!