Why LIVE ON? – Eight Reasons to Live On Campus Again

It is often assumed that after one year of living in the residence halls, all students move off campus. In reality, nearly 20% of the students living in the halls are either returning, transfer, or upper class students. There are 900 premium spaces set aside for returning students each year – encourage your student to get one!

Higher GPAs: Students who live on campus have higher GPAs than students who live off campus, with the most significant gap among first- and second-year students.

Location, location, location: Easy access to the student recreation center, Morgan Library, and campus events – living on campus offers the best location in FoCo.

Skip the Commute: When it’s cold and snowy outside, students living on campus can enjoy the luxury of sleeping in and still arriving to class on time without the hassle of scraping car windows, finding parking, biking on icy or wet roads, or waiting at the bus stop.

Easy living: Forget leases, splitting utilities with roommates, shoveling sidewalks, and grocery shopping. The halls offer one bill that goes directly to the student account with no negotiation required.

$0 due at signing: When returning to the halls, the deposit from this year carries over to next fall and there are no hidden or surprise application fees, security deposits, or first/last month rent charges.

Designated spaces for returning, transfer, and upperclass students: Returners get first choice of available rooms on campus, including premium spaces in Laurel Village, Aspen Hall, 4th floor lofts in Parmelee, single rooms, and Open Housing. There are designated wings and floors in these locations set aside for returning and upper class students only. Plus, students who live in the halls for at least two years receive priority consideration at the Aggie Village apartments for their third year and beyond!

Flexible, convenient dining: The U Plan, offered only to returning students, provides maximum flexibility with just five meals per week. Returning students also have the option to select the Any 10, Any 14, or Any Meal/Any Time dining plans.

Win big: Students who apply by February 28 are entered to win free room and board for next year as well as one of five $500 prizes. Visit housing.colostate.edu/liveon for more details.