Where in the world will your student be next semester?

Education abroad – the opportunity to live and learn outside of the United States — is a life-changing opportunity with enormous benefits for CSU students that include enhancing their studies, better preparing them for their careers, and engaging them as citizens of the world. This year CSU sent nearly 1,700 students to over 80 countries for study, research, internships, service learning, and other engaged learning opportunities. Students can go abroad for a week to a year during the fall and spring semesters, summer, winter break, spring break, and even fall break.

The key to participating in education abroad while staying on track toward graduation from CSU is early planning. CSU has developed Recommended Programs Abroad lists for almost every major. This helps to refine the over 1,000 opportunities on the Education Abroad website to just 20-25 options that have been approved by the academic departments – which should work best for your student. While many students will take foreign language classes when living and learning abroad, the instructional offerings in English are plentiful – even in many non-English speaking countries.

The Office of International Programs, located in Laurel Hall, is the central resource for all education abroad steps — from preparing to go overseas to returning from opportunities abroad. Education Abroad advisors are available to assist students through the administrative logistics including transfer credit pre-approval and applying for programs, visas, and scholarships. Advisors are also available to answer questions that parents and family may also have, including health and safety planning.

The Office of International Programs recognizes the important role that parents and family play in a student’s education abroad experience. We appreciate your interest and support in this exciting endeavor!


Office of International Programs – Education Abroad
Laurel Hall, 700 Oval Drive


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