What Can Handshake Do For You? CSU’s Launching Pad For Employment After Graduation

What is Handshake?

Handshake is a web-based talent-recruiting platform connecting colleges, employers, and students (current and former). Handshake posts:

  • Open job positions for companies
  • Internships and research opportunities
  • Upcoming campus events to meet the companies
  • Other university career development oriented events
  • Articles and advice on topics from classroom to career

Handshake also serves as a messaging option for students who are active participants on the site. The good news is that CSU students have immediate access to Handshake at www.joinhandshake.com using their .edu e-mail address.

Why is Handshake important?

In today’s competitive marketplace, planning for a first job and more importantly a career, is a process that needs to begin as early as possible. Students should begin planning as early as freshman or sophomore year, and not wait until their last year in university.

How does my student get started with Handshake?

Your student can set up a profile of their experience, curriculum, and job interests (including geographic location and industry types) at www.joinhandshake.com using their .edu e-mail address. Remember, freshman year is not too early to start! The early student profile can be used to obtain summer internship positions, and soon CSU internship positions will also be posted.

What can I do as a parent?

As you just learned, all students with an .edu e-mail address have immediate access to Handshake. Students are regularly reminded about the services available on Handshake, but a low percentage of students currently utilize the service. The best thing you can do is to speak to your student about Handshake and encourage them to not only set up a profile, but also to update that profile throughout their university career. You can also follow up with them periodically to remind them about Handshake and encourage them to see what Handshake has to offer.

For additional career planning information and tools, students can go to the on-campus career center or check out the CSU career center at www.career.colostate.edu.

Is your company a Handshake participating company?

Handshake provides another avenue for organizations to recruit and attract university graduates, and in particular, CSU graduates.  If your company is not a participating company member, please reach out to the www.joinhandshake.com website and click on the employers tab.