TILT & Eagle Feather Tutoring for Spring ’21

The TILT Tutoring program is excited to share their plans for this Spring 2021 semester.  Based on feedback from students, tutors, and faculty they will be offering both drop-in tutoring and tutor review sessions for select courses.

  • Drop-in tutoring will be held in Zoom on Sundays – Thursdays from 6 – 9 pm beginning Sunday, January 24.
    • Students with specific questions can join the Zoom tutor session at any point in the evening that their course is offered to work through their questions with a tutor and other students.
  • Tutor review sessions will be held twice a week in 50-minute sessions beginning Sunday, February 14.
    • For tutor review sessions, the tutors will prepare and facilitate activities that reinforce learning of topics covered in class.  These sessions will be structured similarly to the tutoring cohorts offered during the fall semester, however this spring, they will not have an attendance requirement and instead will allow students to come whenever they need support most.
To join tutoring and view the schedule and Zoom links, students can self-register for the TILT Tutoring – Spring 2021 Canvas page using this link: https://colostate.instructure.com/enroll/TAYW4G

Courses supported through TILT Tutoring:

  • BC 351
  • BMS 300
  • BMS 301/310
  • BZ 350
  • CHEM 113
  • CHEM 245
  • CHEM 341
  • CHEM 343
  • LIFE 103
  • MATH 141
  • MATH 155
  • MATH 160
  • MATH 161
  • MATH 261
  • MATH 340
  • MATH 369
  • PH 122
  • PH 141
  • PH 142

In addition to TILT tutoring programs, the Eagle Feather Tutoring is a free tutoring service offered every semester through the Native American Cultural Center (NACC). This semester, services will continue online. To learn more about Eagle Feather Tutoring, see a full schedule, and to sign up for a tutor, students can go to their site here.