Parent and Family Programs Monthly Newsletter Submissions

Each month, the Office of Parent and Family Programs sends an informational newsletter to families of all current CSU students. Each month’s content is written or collected by our staff in partnership with campus partners who can provide expertise on a relevant topic. Topics are planned in advance of each monthly newsletter to ensure relevant content for what is occurring on campus at that time as well as to cater to what CSU students might be experiencing during the month.

Parent and Family Programs staff directly contacts campus partners for submissions based on the newsletter plan for the upcoming month. However, if you or your office desire to contribute an article for the newsletter, please begin the submission process by emailing Malik Burton (

Before contributing, please review the newsletter article guidelines below.

Parameters for Newsletter Articles:

• Articles are approximately 250 words each.

• We ask one photo be submitted with all article submissions relevant to the article topic.

• Links to external resources to further the educational exploration of parents and families are encouraged and welcome when appropriate.

• Please include article authors or the name and contact information for the office writing the article.

• Please be aware of the diverse identities and experiences of our CSU parents and families in your messaging. Our office strives to ensure all families are represented in the communication we send and all voices are heard to ensure the support and success of all CSU students.

• If you have a specific audience in mind for your article (Example, only first-year families), please be sure to include this information in your newsletter proposal.

• We recommend articles be submitted at least one month in advance. (Example, if you would prefer your article be sent to families in April, please submit the content by the first week of March). If you do not have a specific designated month for distribution, our team will work to include the article in an appropriate month.

• Please note, the Parent and Family Team may make grammatical and syntax edits to your submission when appropriate but will not make changes to the message you are sending out.

For all further questions about our newsletter communications, please contact Malik Burton ( or Bailey Harr ( or by calling our main office at 970-491-6680.