Support for Academics: U-TURN Program

U-Turn is an academic success event that supports students in reaching their goals and identifying strategies to thrive.
U-Turn takes place on March 4th from 10:00 am-4:00 pm

U-Turn is a strategic support program for all CSU students held near the middle of the semester to encourage students who are struggling in a course or multiple courses to seek direct support to improve in the course for the rest of the semester. We highly recommend sharing the U-Turn program with your students and encouraging them to attend.

Students attend U-Turn to seek guidance and support for challenges they are experiencing that negatively affect their academics. Faculty and Staff serve as your student’s navigators by meeting with students for 30 minute sessions to brainstorm resources the students can utilize to improve their academic performance. Navigators will also assist your student in creating an Action Plan for success. Additionally, virtual campus resources such as CSU Health Network and Office of Financial Aid will be available at the event.

The 2021 Spring Semester U-Turn event will be virtual again this year. Drop-ins will be welcomed. Students can begin their sign-up for the event by completing the U-TURN Self-Assessment. After completion, a confirmation page will provide a Zoom link to the event. U-Turn Self Assessment

In addition to meeting with a Navigator for 30 minute sessions, your student can access 10–15-minute academic success workshop videos on the U-Turn website, U-TURN: A ONE-STOP SHOP FOR ACADEMIC AND TRANSITION SUCCESS, before or after their navigator meeting.

Workshop videos will include the following topics.
      • Time Management
      • Study Strategies
      • Success in Online Courses
      • Overcoming Procrastination

We hope your student can attend U-Turn this semester!