Summer Employment and Employment for Fall 21


Is your student considering employment at CSU or around the Fort Collins area for the summer or the Fall 2021 semester? Well, as we all transition into the summer and prepare for a new Fall semester, PFP would like to remind you of all of the resources CSU’s Career Center has to offer your student regarding employment.

The Career Center is committed to providing safe, legitimate connections between employers and students. The Career Center has a web portal for current CSU students and alumni that allows students to view current available positions that they can apply for on-campus. This is done through Handshake, which also allows your student to find internship opportunities and verified employment from around Fort Collins.

[Alt text: Picture of student job search resources on career center website]

If your student has any specific questions around their resume, questions on how to navigate interviews, what it means to graduate and find employment, or more the Career Center has a Q&A hub that your student can refer to as well. The virtual resource center on the Career Center website outlines all sorts of beneficial information to help prepare your student not just for a resume, a cover letter, or an interview, but also how their identities and capacity to advocate for their own needs may show up in their Career or throughout the hiring process. That can be found here. 

[Alt text: Snapshot of Career Resource Center page on Career Center website]

The Career Center is always here for your student, whether they are still seeking work for the Fall or looking to develop new skills for their career. The Career Center always welcome your student to connect one-on-one with their staff, and that information can be found here.