Summer courses can contribute to your student’s success

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We encourage your student to consider CSU summer courses, offered in on-campus, hybrid, and online formats. Summer session is a unique opportunity to complete credits in a condensed time frame while concentrating on fewer courses. Students often take advantage of this time to enroll in challenging courses, participate in experiential learning, or fulfill prerequisites or major requirements.

Just as in spring and fall, the summer curriculum includes a variety of courses to help expand students’ cultural competency and improve the campus climate of inclusion. A sampling of summer course offerings can be found on the Featured Courses web page. Students may search for summer courses by title, AUCC category, delivery type, and term within summer session using the Courses at a Glance tool. Registration occurs in RAMweb until each new term begins.

Benefits of Summer Session

Three of five undergraduate students participate in summer session during their CSU journey and have the opportunity to experience its academic, financial, and time saving benefits. Institutional data indicate positive associations with summer enrollment and student success. By continuing with coursework over the summer students may be able to complete their degree and earn earlier while potentially reducing overall educational expenses. In fact, CSU is now offering Accelerated Programs – a new, flexible degree option enabling students to graduate in 3-3½ years by incorporating summer courses into their academic plan.

CSU students took fewer credits this year, on average, than in previous years. Summer provides an excellent opportunity for students to recover credits and stay on track for a timely graduation. Summer 2021 students are supported with extended S/U grading and withdrawal deadlines if their summer studies are interrupted.

Cost Enhancements for Summer 2021

It is a great time for students to participate in summer session. Expanded need-based grants contributed to a nearly 25% increase in students from low-, limited-, and middle- income families in summer 2020. The CSU Tuition Assistance (limited funds available) and Federal Pell grants are offered again for summer 2021. A 30% reduction on non-resident undergraduate summer base tuition on all credits and delivery types extends summer affordability.

Additional Information

Visit for information about financial aid, on-campus and off-campus housing, student employment opportunities, and tips for excelling in the immersive courses of summer session.

[Alt text: Summer 2021 Term Grid which is color coded by term:
• 4-week terms: May 17-June 13, June 14-July 11 and July 12-August 8;
• 8-week terms: May 17-July11 and June 14-August 8;
• 12-week term: May 17-August 8;
• Additional Terms of varying lengths]