Residence Hall Options for the Remainder of the Spring Semester

As Spring Break approaches in mid-April and classes move to an online format for the remainder of the semester, students living in the residence halls have a choice to either stay living in the halls for the last four weeks of the semester or to move out during Spring Break. Either way, all hall residents must register for one option or the other by April 2.

Spring Extended Housing
Anyone wishing to stay in the halls for the remainder of the semester, April 19 – May 14, must apply by April 2 at noon.

  • Several halls will close, and residents should plan on relocating to open rooms in Corbett, Parmelee, and Summit by April 18. Current residents of these three buildings may need to relocate to open floors within the building.
  • Room and board rates, including a breakdown of Spring Extended Housing rates, can be found Room rates will remain consistent with current assignments, regardless of Spring Extended Housing assignments.
  • Spring Extended Housing residents are asked to stay for the entirety of Spring Break and the rest of the semester, unless they choose to move out early. Residents should try to limit travel to only necessary trips. COVID screenings will continue during this time.
  • Spring Extended Housing meal plans will be active April 19 – May 14. The Foundry will be open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Ordering ahead will not be required, and dining centers will have limited dine-in seating.

Move Out
Anyone wishing to move out of the halls on or before April 18 must register by April 2 at noon.

  • Residents should completely move out of the residence halls by 10 a.m. on April 18, and officially check out of the residence halls for the year.
  • Move out times may be scheduled during the week of Spring Break as to not interfere with classes the week prior; however, residents may register for and move out the week prior to Spring Break if that is more convenient.
  • All personal items must be removed from rooms, with vacate and check-out procedures completed. Visit for a vacate checklist.

Move Out donation opportunities
Can’t take it all with you? Donation stations will be set up in tents outside of residence halls April 10 – 11, and April 15 – 17. Residents may bring select items (furniture, bikes, clothing, and shoes) in good condition to these tents, which will be sent to local charities. Details will be provided to residents in April.

More information available at

Sylvia Cranmer, Communications Coordinator

Housing and Dining Services