Ram Welcome Newsletter – 2022 Edition

Welcome Message from the Interim President

Rick Miranda, Colorado State University Provost on The Oval. August 12, 2015

Hello Parents, Families, and Friends,

What an incredibly transformative moment this is in your lives, and in the life of your student!  It also is a time of great excitement for all of us who are here to welcome and support your student in their transition to CSU and during their academic journey. As professor here for many decades, I know well the range of emotions that are in play for your student: sadness to be away from supportive loved ones, but delight in meeting new people and building  friendships that will last a lifetime; apprehension about living in a different place and navigating the unknown, but curiosity about all the new opportunities ahead and driven by awe about all there is to discover. As a father of three who helped each navigate the transition to college, I know firsthand the range of mixed emotions you, too, are experiencing.

The caring and passionate leadership, faculty and staff of Colorado State will do all we can to make these years with us as rewarding as possible for your student.  We take seriously our charge, as a land-grant university born out of Lincoln’s vision and commitment to education more than 150 years ago, to ensure that all who have the will to succeed will have every chance to do so. Colorado State University is a special place, and your student will contribute to all that makes us great. Your student has inherited that legacy and will be part of continuing it!

In that spirit, I hope you will join me in encouraging them to get engaged in their classes and with their faculty, with their peers in their coursework and labs, with the programs in the residence halls, with our student cultural centers, with student government, and with the hundreds of clubs available on campus. There is truly something for everyone here at CSU.  As they progress, they should take advantage of our world-class faculty in research projects, internships, apprenticeships, work-based learning opportunities, and a host of experiential curricula that we offer.

This is a place that encourages students to ask questions, have deep conversations, and discover the world around them. It is a place that stewards the innovative spirit and a dedication to the betterment of humanity. It is a place that seeks to enable difference makers to improve diverse communities in Colorado and beyond. CSU is a special place because of its people and their willingness to find ways to get involved in the pursuit of impact and excellence. CSU is a special place with students and families like yours joining us on this journey.

Go Rams!

Rick Miranda

Interim President

 Welcome Message from the Provost

Jan Nerger, Dean of the College of Natural Sciences, on Colorado State University’s Oval. July 14, 2021


Dear CSU Parents and Families:

We are so excited to have your student join us this fall as a member of our Ram Family! We share in your passion for their education, sense of belonging, and well-being. One of our top messages we will convey to your student in all spaces across Colorado State University: You Are Welcome Here.

CSU has been recognized by the Association of Public & Land-Grant Universities as a national model to emulate for its innovative student success and achievement initiatives. We are proud to provide a vibrant learning environment and supportive community on our beautiful campuses. Our globally and nationally recognized faculty look forward to teaching and engaging your students in classrooms, labs, performing arts studios, and through exciting research and experiential learning opportunities.


We are here to help your student find their passion and prepare them to take that passion out into the world. Our campus culture of inclusive and academic excellence is driven by a desire always to do better and a vision to be the best place to learn, work, and discover. CSU students contribute to what makes this university a great experience and one of the best public institutions of higher education in the country. We can’t wait to welcome your student here!


Janice Nerger
Interim Provost

Welcome Message from the Vice President of Student Affairs

Dear CSU Parents and Families,

We are so excited you and your student have joined the Ram Family!   The Division of Student Affairs, and particularly Parent and Family Programs, is here to work with you to support your student(s) to be successful, both in and outside the classroom.  As your student begins this important transition to college and starts to define their path forward, you remain an important part of your student’s life and we appreciate the trust you’ve placed in us. We commit to centering your student’s success throughout their educational journey at CSU.


Blanche Hughes

Vice President of Student Affairs

Dear Parents and Families of New CSU Students,

With an incoming class, comes a lot of energy, excitement, nervousness (which is okay!), and a range of so many emotions around you and your student getting ready for their Ram experience.

Ram Welcome: Experience CSU! provides new students an opportunity to create community and learn what it means to be a CSU student before the fall semester begins. We offer this programming because we know our most successful students are those who get involved immediately with others and the campus and take ownership of their experience at Colorado State from the beginning. For your student, several days of intentional interactions help them to start their college careers at CSU in the right direction, giving them a solid foundation from which to build.  This year brings a ton of great opportunities for your student to do just that – meet other students, see what campus has to offer, and have a good time while doing it.


CSU Ram Welcome Programming for New Students


The next part of your students’ orientation experience is to engage in Ram Welcome! All new students are expected to participate in Ram Welcome. Students build upon their orientation experience and begin their successful adjustment to Colorado State University by exploring academic programs, engaging with faculty and staff, learning about the many services available to support the college experience, becoming part of the CSU campus community, connecting with other new and current students, learning traditions and discovering what it means to be a CSU Ram! The Ram Welcome program is a campus-wide coordinated effort that brings the entire campus community together to welcome new students at the start of each semester.

Click on the link below that matches the programming schedule for either your new first-year, transfer, adult learner, student veteran or international student. We ask that you encourage your student to participate in all of their Ram Welcome programming to ensure they get connected to other new Rams and CSU. So if you can be in Fort Collins to support your student’s move-in experience (for new students moving on campus, that will generally be August 15th-17th), please note that your student will have some Ram Welcome programming the evening they move-in, the next day, and will have much more on Thursday, August 18 through Sunday, August 21.

Please be aware that as Move-in/Ram Welcome week progresses, it will be more difficult to find time to connect with your student. And if you cannot be in Fort Collins to support your student’s move-in/move-to experience, that’s okay. Please know that your student will have support from Ram Welcome leaders, Transfer Transition Leaders, Resident Assistants (if your student lives in on-campus housing), and more!


Ram Welcome Programming for new First-Year CSU Students:



Ram Welcome Programming for new Transfer, Adult Learner, and Student Veterans:



Ram Welcome Programming for new International Students:



CSU Ram Welcome Programming for Parents and Families


Parents and Families – Ram Welcome 2022 (colostate.edu)


Ram Welcome programming specific to parents and families of new CSU students will take place with re-occurring programming over three days (August 15th, 16th, and 17th). You’ll have an opportunity to hear from and interact with University Leadership, get connected to important campus resources to ensure your questions get answered as part of the Ram Welcome Parent & Family Lounge, participate in interest sessions, as well as campus tours.    


And be Sure to Check Out…

If you plan and are able to stay on campus, feel free to also stop by the CSU Bookstore, the Food Court and different coffee shops, Canvas Credit Union, First National Bank, and much more. The Lory Student Center has a variety of resources to support your student while they are at CSU.

Please know that the Lory Student Center also is home to many student support offices such as the Student Leadership, Involvement and Community Engagement Office, Student Diversity Programs and Services Offices, Adult Learner & Veteran Services, Fraternity & Sorority Life, Off-Campus Life, Student Legal Services, and much more.

CSU Response to COVID-19/Where to Find the Most Up-to-Date Information



The above noted website provides the latest information and trending topics specific to COVID-19 and how CSU is responding.  We encourage you to become familiar with this site as the most up-to-date information re: how CSU is responding to COVID-19 can be found here.


Saying Goodbye

Please know that when you leave campus, Ram Welcome Leaders, Transfer Transition Leaders and Resident Assistants will be working to help ease your student’s transition, but we also need your help in making this a successful transition for your student. Saying goodbye is always difficult – take cues from your student and let them lead.

If your student is involved and ready to engage in the CSU community, do your best to match their happy tone, even though you may be hurting inside. If your student is sad about your departure, remind your student about the next time you’ll see them. Concrete dates give you and your student something to look forward to.  Will it be Homecoming and Family Weekend on October 13 – 15? Will you be able to come to campus for Labor Day Weekend?

If your student is feeling uncertain, it is likely because of the bevy of emotions that come with any transition. Reinforce your belief in their success and remind them of their strengths. Words of encouragement can go a long way in helping students to firmly plant themselves at CSU.

If you are feeling uncertain, check with your student about your agreed-upon time of departure.  Hold to that time because your student may feel torn between being with family and joining this new-found community of peers.   Long, drawn-out goodbyes are exhausting and rarely get easier as time passes.   Say your goodbyes, include those messages of love, support, and belief in their abilities and make that break for home.

Ram Welcome 2022 Q&A – Housing and Dining Services

Parents and Families of First Year Students

Residence Hall Move-In: Monday, Aug. 15 – Wednesday, Aug. 17, 8 a.m. – 6 p.m.

Specific traffic and parking guidelines are being put in place for Move-In to make the process as seamless as possible. Students will be able to register for a Move-In arrival timeslot via the CSU Housing Portal as soon as room assignments have been completed. Once your student has a room assignment and has registered for a Move-In timeslot, they will receive a hall-specific welcome/Move-In email with driving, parking, and check-in details, as well as a Move-In map, two weeks before Move-In.

Traffic patterns are different each year so please refer to the detailed driving and parking directions for each hall, as well as the Move-In map to ensure the most up-to-date details.  Here are some helpful reminders prior to Move-In day:

  • Be sure to review the online Move-In Information prior to your arrival on campus.
  • Sign up for a Move-In time slot when it opens, after selecting your hall assignment.
  • Label boxes and belongings with your name/room number to be sure all your things stay together.
  • Buying a lot of stuff for Move-In can be expensive and produces a lot of waste, so consider in advance what your student can rent instead of buy (i.e. micro fridge), what can be shared with a roommate, what may be nice but is not actually needed, and what you already have at home that will work great on campus. Remember that everything that comes to campus must also be removed at some point.
  • Loading zones will be available for unloading. After unloading vehicles, you will be directed to temporary or long-term parking to allow others to unload. CSU staff will be on site to direct and control traffic flow, as well as to assist you and give directions to your hall.

Parents and Families of Transfer, Adult Learners and Veterans

Residence Hall Move-In: Monday, Aug. 15 – Wednesday, Aug. 17, 8 a.m. – 6 p.m.

Specific traffic and parking guidelines are being put in place for Move-In to make the process as seamless as possible. Students will be able to register for a Move-In arrival timeslot via the CSU Housing Portal as soon as room assignments have been completed. Once your student has a room assignment and has registered for a Move-In timeslot, they will receive a hall-specific welcome/Move-In email with driving, parking, and check-in details, as well as a Move-In map, two weeks before Move-In.

Traffic patterns will be different this year so please refer to the detailed driving and parking directions for each hall as well as the Move In map to ensure the most up-to-date details.  Here are some helpful reminders prior to Move-In day:

  • Sign up for a Move-In time slot when it opens, after selecting your hall assignment.
  • Label boxes and belongings with your name/room number to be sure all your things stay together.
  • Buying a lot of stuff for Move-In can be expensive and produces a lot of waste, so consider in advance what your student can rent instead of buy (i.e. micro fridge), what can be shared with a roommate, what may be nice but is not actually needed, and what you already have at home that will work great on campus. Remember that everything that comes to campus must also be removed at some point.
  • Loading zones will be available for unloading. After unloading vehicles, you will be directed to temporary or long-term parking to allow others to unload. CSU staff will be on site to direct traffic and control traffic flow and to assist you and give directions to your hall.

Note for non-first year students: Due to increasing demand and limited supply for campus housing, we are no longer accepting applications from students not required to live on campus per the housing requirement. First year students and other students required to live on campus are guaranteed housing and we always accommodate as many other applicants as we can. Campus apartments are also full and there are a number of pending applications seeking assignment. You are welcome to apply for an apartment as a waitlist applicant but please know the chance of being assigned before the beginning of the academic year in August is low and we strongly encourage to use the resources below.


The Off-Campus Life Office has resources via their website that can assist with pursuing housing in the Fort Collins community, including RentalSearch. Use RentalSearch to search for properties for rent, rooms for rent, roommates, and post yourself as a roommate or if you have a room to rent.   Additionally, students are encouraged to call (970-491-2248), email (ocl@colostate.edu), or visit Off-Campus Life (Lory Student Center, room 274) to learn which apartment/property managers still have rooms available for rent and to learn about other ways to find off-campus housing.


If you are still interested in on campus housing after classes begin in August, you are welcome to contact University Housing to see if late cancellations or other changes have opened some availability.



University Housing

What if I didn’t select a room before the scheduled room selection deadline?

At the conclusion of Room Selection, a space will be assigned for you based on availability. We will use the preferences provided on your application to the fullest extent possible. Due to anticipated high demand, you may be assigned to a temporary space until a permanent assignment can be made.

Can my student move in early?

August 15-17 are the official move in days for the residence halls. Please visit the Move-In Information page for details including reserving your specific move in time.

Some groups must be available on campus earlier than the rest of the students (marching band, fall athletes, etc.), and arrangements are being made by those specific departments.  If needed, other students may arrive on Saturday or Sunday, August 13-14 by registering via the housing portal.  There is an added daily cost for early arrival.

I am not sure my student’s roommate is going to be a good fit. How do we go about getting an immediate room change?

The residence halls will open full this fall and roommate changes are not possible right away. Students with roommate concerns can seek assistance from staff at any time to discuss their concerns and see what help we can offer.  Starting September 7, students may talk to their hall staff or our main Housing Office about submitting a room change request.  Students should be prepared that changes may not be available for some time with occupancy expected to be very high in the fall.  We encourage patience, flexibility, and good communication to help address concerns.

University Housing encourages roommates through a self-selection process via Star Rez or based on information provided on the Residence Hall Housing Application. Note: discrimination based on race, color, creed, religion, sexual orientation, or national origin is contrary to the purpose and policies of Colorado State University and violates the spirit and intent of the civil rights laws of Colorado.  For this reason, information of this kind is not requested on the Residence Hall Housing Application and is not taken into account when making roommate assignments.

We know it is common to check out a new roommate via social media. We remind students (and parents/family members) it has been our experience that students do not get a complete and accurate sense of who their roommate is based solely on a social media profile. We recommend your student contact their new roommate directly, get to know that person through conversations, and take the time to see how they will relate as roommates.

To assist students in successfully sharing a room, students will participate in the Roommate Success plan with their RA. If an unresolvable issue arises between your student and their roommate, they are encouraged to seek advice from their RA, Assistant Residence Director, Residence Director, or consult with the Student Resolution Center.


First-Year Students Living Off Campus

If my student is not living in the residence halls, do I need to let the University know?

CSU requires all newly admitted first-year and transfer students with fewer than 15 post-high school credits, who are single, under 21 years of age, and not living with their parents in the Fort Collins area, to live in the residence halls for the first two consecutive terms. First-year students wishing to reside off-campus with their parents or for reasons other than those listed above may request a special exemption, which must be approved by University Housing.  For more information on how to complete a Request for Exemption, please visit Housing & Dining Services.



Record Number of Students Apply For On-Campus Housing for Fall 2022


Housing is guaranteed for first year students; Temporary accommodations available until permanent spaces become available

By Sylvia Cranmer

CSU Housing & Dining Services Communications


As CSU experiences a surge in 2022-23 admissions, University Housing is excited to welcome a record number of students to campus in a few short weeks. This is creating an unprecedented demand for rooms in the residence halls and University apartments. Because living on campus is such an important factor contributing to the overall success of students academically and socially, we want to assure students that all who are required to live on campus will have guaranteed housing.


In an effort to accommodate all of those students who need to fulfill their first-year live-on requirement, some applicants will receive temporary housing. Being assigned to a temporary space means that as soon as possible (typically within the first few weeks of the semester) those students will be prioritized for reassignment to a permanent space for the remainder of the 2022-23 academic year.


Here is what to expect:

  • Students may be assigned to a temporary housing space. These spaces will be assigned across multiple housing facilities. Visit the CSU Housing website for answers to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about temporary housing.
  • If a permanent space becomes available sooner, students may receive a permanent assignment prior to arriving on campus. Please keep an eye on the CSU Housing Portal for updates.  We try to take into account the preferences noted on the housing application when assigning permanent spaces, however we are unable to guarantee that students will be assigned a space that aligns with their specific preferences or requested roommate matches.
  • Information pertaining to specific assignments will be communicated on or before August 3 for applications received on or before July 29. We recognize that students and families may need to plan for their arrival to campus prior to receiving an assignment. The Move In website has lots of good information about moving into the halls, regardless of where a student may be assigned.
  • For those who are unable to wait to make travel arrangements, we suggest moving forward with purchasing plane tickets, requesting time off work, or whatever other actions may need to be done to plan for arriving on campus.  Then, when Move In registration opens, try to register for the date that aligns with your arrival.  New students are encouraged to arrive between August 15-17 to most fully participate in Ram Welcome activities.


If you have any questions that are not answered through the FAQs, please contact University Housing: (970) 491-4719 or housing@colostate.edu. We are receiving a very high volume of inquiries related to assignments, and we appreciate your patience and understanding if our response time is not immediate. We respond to all queries in the order they are received.

Ram Welcome 2022 Q&A – CSU Health Network

What immunizations should my student have? 

  • Colorado state law requires every student to submit proof of two (2) measles, mumps, and rubella (MMR)vaccinations or provide laboratory proof of immunity to measles, mumps, and rubella.

Colorado state law also requires students living on campus in a residence hall to submit proof of meningococcal (ACWY) vaccination given within the last five (5) years.

CSU students must also submit COVID-19 vaccine records or declare an exemption. Incoming first-year, transfer, and new graduate students can enter their COVID-19 vaccine information, including booster information, when you submit your required vaccine information on the Immunizations Requirement form in the Student Health Portal.  For more information on the COVID-19 vaccination requirement, please visit covid.colostate.edu.

The deadline to complete this requirement is Monday, August 22, 2022 , the first day of classes. Students should submit their official immunizations records and a copy of their COVID-19 vaccine card online through the CSU Student Health Portal, your student’s online connection to their electronic health record. For more information and detailed, step-by-step instructions on how to complete this requirement, visit the Immunizations Requirement section  of the CSU Health Network website or call the CSU Health Network at (970) 491-7121.

Who can use the on-campus medical and counseling services provided by CSU Health Network?

  • CSU Health Network is every student’s home for health and well-being. All enrolled CSU students have full accessto the wide range of medical, counseling, and health education and prevention services, regardless of their health insurance plan.

What is the health insurance requirement?

  • Most major universities require students to carry health insurance as a way of protecting the student’s educational investment. Colorado State University requires domestic students taking six or more resident instruction credits and international students enrolled at any credit level to have health insurance that meets CSU, state, and federal regulations. Students must meet the health insurance requirement their first semester at CSU and every fall semester thereafter.

Visit the Health Insurance Requirement section of the CSU Health Network website for more information.

How do domestic students meet the health insurance requirement?

Domestic students must fulfill the health insurance requirement by going to the secure online Health Insurance waiver and enrollment portal  by Wednesday, September 7, 2022 and following these steps:

  • If you are considering an individual/family/employer/government plan to meet the health insurance requirement, we encourage you to do the following:
    • Ensure your plan meets CSU, state, and federal guidelines for health insurance coverage. More information at  https://health.colostate.edu/health-insurance-requirement/
    • Contact your insurance carrier in advance to see how your plan will cover visits to CSU Health Network. Use the following information:
      • CSU Health Network Tax ID#: 846000545
      • CSU Health Network NPI#: 1528156437
  • Go to the CSU Student Health Insurance Waiver/Enrollment Portal at http://health.colostate.edu/insurancerequirement to access the secure online health insurance waiver portal.   You can access the secure online portal 3-4 business days after you register for six or more resident instruction credits.
  • Login in with your CSU student ID number, name, and date of birth.
  • Choose one of the following options:
    • WAIVE the CSU Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP) by providing proof of a comparable health insurance plan. Enter the requested information from your health insurance card and the plan subscriber’s date of birth in the secure online form. Your waiver application will be audited with your insurance carrier to ensure the coverage is active and meets CSU, state, and federal requirements. Your waiver application is not complete until you receive an approval notification via email.
    • ENROLL in the CSU Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP) by indicating your interest in the secure online formDo not wait. To ensure your student has access to their insurance benefits when plan coverage begins on August 1, you MUST enroll at least three weeks prior to the start of classes. Learn more about SHIP.

IMPORTANT: If you or your student does not take action by the deadline of Wednesday, September 7, 2022, your student’s account will be charged the fall semester premium for enrollment in the CSU Student Health Insurance Plan. There will be no refunds or reversals of charges after the deadline.

What insurance plans are accepted by CSU Health Network?

CSU Health Network is an in-network provider with most major insurance carriers and can file claims with them. Students’ out-of-pocket costs are dependent on their health insurance plan benefits. Visit the Private Insurance Billing page on the CSU Health Network website for a list of insurance plans accepted by CSU Health Network. We highly recommend contacting your insurance carrier in advance to see how your plan will cover visits to the CSU Health Network.

The following information will be helpful when checking about coverage with your insurance carrier:

  • CSU Health Network Tax ID #: 846000545
  • CSU Health Network NPI #: 1528156437

Visit the https://health.colostate.edu/insurance-coverage-information/ page for more details on how to check with your insurance coverage.

Insurance Billing and Payment – how does it work?

If your student has private insurance coverage, CSU Health Network will file claims with the student’s insurance carrier, and students are responsible for applicable co-pays, co-insurance, deductibles, and any non-covered charges. These charges will be applied to your student’s account through the Office of Financial Aid and can be paid through the RAMweb or in the billing department at the CSU Health Network. All students should bring a copy of their insurance card to every visit at the CSU Health Network. 

In addition, your student’s fees (part of CSU general student fees) provide access to a wide range of mental health support resources at no additional cost. Students should visit Counseling Services on the 3rd floor of the Health & Medical Center, and they’ll work together with them to find the resources that are best for their situation and needs. Learn more about CSU Health Network Counseling Services.

What is the RamCare Supplement Program?

Designed for students who have private health insurance coverage, RamCare is an inexpensive way to help cover out-of-pocket expenses, such as co-pays, co-insurance, or deductibles, related to the treatment of illness, injury, accident, or related services at the CSU Health Network. The cost is $125 per semester, and your student receives up to $1,500 per semester for coverage of medical services within the CSU Health Network, up to $200 per semester for prescriptions, and up to $50 per semester in “flex dollars”. RamCare is not an insurance product and is only for use at CSU Health Network. The deadline to enroll for the Fall 2022 semester is Wednesday, September 7, 2022. Visit the RamCare page on the CSU Health Network website for more information and to enroll.

How does my student access mental health support resources?


Whether your student is experiencing a situational problem, an immediate crisis, or has a longstanding mental health concern, we’re here to help. Our professional staff includes licensed psychologists, licensed clinical social workers, and licensed professional counselors, as well as new professionals working toward licensure and graduate student staff completing their degrees in a mental health field.   We offer a range of evidence-based treatment, which include online skill-building resources, workshops, group therapy, individual counseling, crisis services, and brief, solution-focused counseling.  To access services, the first step is to meet with a counselor during drop-in hours, which can be found on the Health Network website.  To learn more about how to make a counseling appointment, visit https://health.colostate.edu/make-a-counseling-appointment/

To learn about all of the mental health and well-being resources for students, visit https://health.colostate.edu/mhwb-resources/

Are there any additional requirements or recommendations for incoming CSU students?

CSU Health Network is every student’s on-campus home for health and well-being.

All CSU students have full access to our wide range of medical, counseling and health education and prevention services, regardless of their insurance plan.

To keep our campus healthy and safe, there are several health-related requirements and recommendations for all incoming students to complete upon enrolling at Colorado State University.  To learn about these requirements and recommendations, visit https://health.colostate.edu/new-student-checklist/

We are excited to welcome parents, families, alumni, and Rams fans back to campus for Colorado State University’s 2022 Homecoming and Family Weekend!

In Conclusion…

Once again, we want to welcome you to the Ram Family!   This newsletter is meant to provide you with helpful information to support your student as well as to act as a reminder of the many resources that CSU has available to support your student’s CSU experience.   Please don’t hesitate to reach out to Parent and Family Programs if you have questions!   Remember, we want to partner with you to support your student’s success!

Take care,

CSU Parent and Family Programs

Email:  vpsa_parentfamilyprograms@mail.colostate.edu

Phone:  970-491-6680