Preparing for Student Move-Out: College Student Storage

College Student Storage is offering support for students and families as you prepare to transition out of the Spring 2021 academic semester with moving out of CSU residence halls or off-campus housing.

College Student Storage is a door to door summer storage and shipping services company that has been serving CSU students for decades. College Student Storage is  a preferred business partner with Parent & Family Programs and comes highly recommended by other CSU families.

College Student Storage (CSS) will store student belongings, ship student belongings and deliver student belongings.  CSS services include dropping off boxes and tape to each student, picking items up at their residence hall/apartment, storage for the Summer/end of semester and delivery to their housing residence when they return to Fort Collins.

CSS can store almost anything for students including vehicles, bikes, skis/snowboards, mini fridges, futons, plastic bins, etc. CSS can also ship most items to a student’s primary home residence across the country including TV’s and bikes. All large items are packed for shipping at the CSS warehouse. CSS will also put $500 of insurance on any item shipped and will email tracking #’s to students.

Due to Covid, CSS has expanded their services to provide families from across the country with college move-out support while supporting travel restrictions and health protocols.

CSS has been in business for 25 years in Colorado as a locally owned and operated company. Many CSS employees are current and former CSU students- Go RAMS!

The CSS Spring break pick up schedule is located online at You can click on the Rams icon in the middle of the page for specific CSU information on CSS services.

“Relax, We got it”

Thank you from College Student Storage  Phone: 970-482-1777