Final Exam Accommodations and Finals Study Tips

With finals coming up, there is still time for your student to reach out to the Student Disability Center to get testing accommodations if they qualify!

If your student is looking to schedule an appointment with the SDC for testing accommodations for finals, know that the deadline to schedule finals at the SDC is April 11th at 4:45PM. They will do very limited scheduling and movement of exam times after that date, so if your student needs it, please have them schedule it soon. As well, have your student double-check their email to make sure they are properly receiving communications and emails from the SDC if they have already signed up for an appointment.

If your student is looking for study tips for their finals, there are a number of tips they can utilize:

  1. Have them, if they haven’t already, reach out to classmates to see if there are any finals study groups going.
  2. Always utilizing an Instructor’s or TA’s office hours is a solid way of getting access to information and help that your student may need.
  3. Have them check out this Exam Study Strategies guide from the Institute for Learning and Teaching!
  4. Share TILT’s Study-Skill Resources section with them, which has a TON of useful resources for students from many different majors.
  5. See if their academic department has specific study resources – usually these are found by talking to classmates, talking with their academic advisor, or instructors, especially for larger, more active courses.
  6. If they are enrolled in one of the courses available through their tutors, the Native American Cultural Center’s Eagle Feather Tutoring program has a host of great tutors your student can utilize.