Fall Conversation Series – Considering the Move to Off-Campus Housing

Have you heard of our Off-Campus Life Office? Is your student considering moving off-campus? Our colleagues in the Off-Campus Life office provide the support you and your student might need as you consider making decisions about living in the Fort Collins community.

Off-Campus Life’s mission is to help students moving or living off campus to have a successful transition and integration into the Fort Collins community. The office provides a variety of resources including:

  • Rental Search Housing Database
  • Apartment Complex List
  • Property Management List
  • City Codes and Ordinances
  • Affordable Housing Resources
  • Housing Options Fair
  • Roommate Roundups for Finding Roommates


Parent and Family Programs recently hosted a webinar with the Off-Campus Life Office to share important information focused on what your student can expect when considering their housing options after the first-year live-on experience. In this presentation we discussed what housing options are available to CSU students, how to find housing, cover a variety of city codes and other responsibilities your student can expect if they decide to live off-campus. You can now view the recording of this webinar here: Off-Campus Life Housing Webinar

Colorado State University’s 36th Housing Fair is another supportive resource for your student. The Housing Fair will take place virtually on February 3, 2021 at rentalsearch.colostate.edu. The Housing Fair brings together property management companies, landlords, realtors, other community resources, and Colorado State University offices to inform students about their housing options and how to successfully live off campus. In turn, it provides vendors with an excellent opportunity to tell students about their services. On average, over 2,000 people attend the Housing Fair each year seeking information from vendors!


If you have any additional questions about the Housing Fair, please check out the Housing Fair FAQ, or contact Off-Campus Life at (970) 491-2248 for any additional questions.