Dear Parents and Families

Dear CSU Parents and Families,

We hope you are well.   For those with seniors who are graduating this semester, congratulations!    For those with students who have only known CSU through the experience of navigating COVID-19 while being a college student, appreciate how your students (and you!) have navigated this.   For those with students who have been impacted by racial injustice and other forms of injustice for those who hold minoritized identities, CSU and the broader US need to continue to work toward inclusion and equity.   And for I imagine all of us, this past academic year has been a challenge in terms of physical health and mental health ourselves and for those in our inner circles.   A better future lies ahead of us and, this past year has been tough.    We want to thank you for all that you’ve done to support your student(s) and work as part of the Ram community – toward better times.   We hope that summer brings opportunities for connections with others and time to re-charge.     This edition of the newsletter offers information that can be helpful for students both during the summer and for students who will be back at CSU next fall.  

Please take care!

Go Rams,

CSU Parent and Family Programs