CSU Summer Session 2021: More affordable and flexible

Summer Session allows students to complete credits in a shorter time frame through online, hybrid, and in-person courses. Three of five students participate in Summer Session during their CSU journey and experience academic, financial, and time-saving benefits.

Students who attend summer session:

• Can complete a challenging course, prerequisite, or fulfill a core requirement.
• Participate in experiential learning such as research, internships, and studying abroad or at the Mountain Campus.
• May reduce their total cost of attendance through timely graduation.
• Have the opportunity to graduate and earn earlier, adding to lifetime earnings.
• May benefit from higher persistence and graduation rates*.
• Typically earn higher GPAs as compared to fall and spring semesters. * Based on CSU Institutional Research data

Summer registration begins Tuesday, March 23 at noon and continues through the add/drop period for each class.

Student Resources and Important Dates
Students may:

• Discuss how summer courses fit with their academic plan with their academic success coordinator.
• Learn about housing, student employment, and creating community at Campus Resources (many resources are available remotely).
• Prepare by reviewing tips for academic success and identifying available support at Learning Resources
• Be informed of: Tuition and Fees

Financial Aid

Financial aid is available for students meeting eligibility criteria.

Reduced non-resident undergraduate summer tuition

• Non-resident undergraduates will pay 30% less on base tuition for all summer credits (face-to-face, hybrid, and online) with registration through RAMweb (not CSU Online).


• University Housing offers prorated housing and meal plans. Students taking one or more credits may stay in a designated residence hall. Availability is extended between the end of summer session and the beginning of fall term. Off-Campus Life’s summer housing webpage includes:

  • A rental search, which can be filtered by dates.
  • Virtual Roommate Roundup events; the March 24th session is specifically for summer students.
  • Summer internships, furniture rental, transportation, local entertainment, and activities.

Student Employment

On- and off-campus jobs can be found through RAMweb or the Career Center’s Handshake tool. Campus jobs are typically plentiful and flexible and will be posted as available.

CSU now offers the Accelerated Programs option for students to graduate in 3 to 3 ½ years. Twenty-two programs of study across five colleges are currently offered, with new programs joining soon. Students supplement fall and spring courses with courses taken over two to three summers to make steady academic progress, complete their degree early, and be on their way to their next chapter in life.

CSU Online student, Kiri Michell hikes with her dog Hache and some friend at Horsetooth Reservoir, July 14, 2019.

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Summers at Colorado State University can be incredible! Please enjoy our CSU Summer Video.