How can I best support my student?

The school-search process can be an exciting time, and your student is likely eager to explore the many opportunities available.

As a family member, supporting a student throughout this process, you’ll likely encourage your student to take the lead.  But, it’s also likely that you will have some questions along the way – don’t worry, we are here to help and value your role.  Parent and Family Programs believes that parents and family members are key partners in supporting student success.

We’re glad you are a part of the school-search process, and we appreciate the sacrifices you have made to get here.

Both Parent and Family Programs, as well as the Office of Admissions, are happy to help answer your questions along the way!

It all begins with your student and family.

Encourage your student to consider their interests, goals, and passions.  How do their interests align with the values, expectations, and mission of the University?

Additionally, we encourage you and your student to explore each piece of your student’s financial fit – the cost, financial aid, strategies, and outcomes – we recognize that this is an important part of the school-search process.

As you consider the answers to these, and other big questions, please utilize the resources below:

Is your student ready to apply?

Depending on whether your student will be coming to CSU as a first-year student, transfer, or returning student the process may look different.
For more information about the process get connected with the Office of Admissions.

Other considerations

We recognize the many sacrifices you’ve made to support your student in getting to the school-search process.  Your role as a mentor and guide for your student is so important. Here are some important topics for conversation as your student begins to consider options and “fit”: