Conflict Resolution Services Can Support Your Student at CSU!

At this point in the semester, your student may be feeling overwhelmed by learning remotely and could be unsure about how to reach out for help from professors. It might be intimidating for your student to ask questions or initiate a conversation with a professor when a problem arises. Conflict Resolution can help students who are struggling with how to communicate their concerns to faculty. Students also commonly visit our office because they disagree with a grade they received. We help them navigate the grade appeal process and may even role-play with the student on ways to voice their concern. We know that having a difficult conversation comes with challenges but we are also confident that this is a great opportunity for students to developing their conflict resolution skills.

So, what can you do when your student brings up conflict in the classroom? Listen fully and avoid offering unsolicited advice right away or telling your student what to do. Feeling heard can be powerful and healing for students who are feeling stuck in conflict. Then, simply having a conversation with your student encouraging them to reach out to our office for support could go a long way! As a parent or family member, you may have firsthand knowledge about a conflict your student is struggling with and it is our hope that before a situation escalates, you share with them the resources that Conflict Resolution has to offer.

For more information about Conflict Resolution Services, call 970-491-7165 or visit Additionally, students can access a Conflict Resolution staff member via Drop-In hours from 10am – 12pm on Monday through Thursday.