Community Pays: Working for Residential Dining Services

For new college students, getting connected is key to feeling at home and being successful while away at school. But finding your personal community while also balancing school, work, and other commitments can be hard. One of the ways many CSU students have been able to find both is by becoming a member of the Residential Dining Services team.

For Ally Gould and Faith Otieno, what started as a need for a job their first year at CSU turned into an opportunity to grow, challenge themselves, and best of all find people they could really connect with. Ally, a staff member at the CSU Bakeshop, learns a lot from the team she works alongside.

“There are a lot of mentors to look up to, working for Dining,” said Ally. “I have been lucky to have many, and all of the leaders at the Bakeshop are women, which is very unique.” She says she’s learned a lot during her time working in the Bakeshop, much of which will extend beyond her time at CSU.

[Alt text: Picture of RDS employee Ally Gould]

Faith was in Kenya when she applied for a student position with Dining, and she did not know what to expect of the role. Starting at Braiden Dining Center, she eventually worked her way up to becoming a Student Manager. Beyond her accomplishments of achieving a leadership position, Faith enjoys the unexpected benefit of meeting new people and having new experiences on a regular basis.

[Alt text: Picture of RDS employee Faith Otieno]

“I have been able to interact with people from all over the country and all over the world,” she shared. “I’ve learned a ton of different things and gotten to try so many different foods. One time I was interviewing a student and she brought in pastries because it was part of her culture.”

Student staff members of the Residential Dining Services team start building connections right away. They are interacting with coworkers and establishing new relationships in their very first days on campus. Several positions for the Fall 2021 semester are open and accepting applications now, with flexible hours that cater to class and semester schedules. Hourly rates start at $12.32 all the way up to $16 an hour, and dining staff receive a free meal for every three-hour shift worked.

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For incoming students looking for a job on campus who need some extra encouragement to submit their application, Ally’s got them covered: “Having a job on campus is a great way to meet new people right away. Remember that you are not the only first-year student or new employee around! This job is a great way to expand those community building opportunities.”

More information about Residential Dining Services employment opportunities is available online at Dining Services Student Employment. You can apply online for Fall 2021 positions via Handshake Job # 4480714

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