Building Community Through Involvement

Hello Parents, Families, and Student Support Networks!
As we near the end of the Fall semester and prepare for Spring 2021, we wanted to take some time with you to explore how students can continue building community and friendships, find ways to be involved in tying their passions to co-curricular engagement, or find ways to engage in leadership opportunities. We recognize and affirm that building community this semester has been a difficult process and has required students often moving out of their comfort zones to find connections where they can. CSU has so many passionate staff that are always here to help your student tie together their values, their passion areas, and their careers in ways that can still create community no matter what context.

Where can my Ram go to start?

Do Something CSU has been a great resource this semester for students to connect them with the tools they need to find their folks. As a good first stop in finding community, the Do Something hub can bridge your Ram with every co-curricular opportunity on campus. While the Spring semester often looks very different than the Fall for what events and gatherings exist, there are still so many ways your student can get engaged.

My Ram is shy or introverted – What can they do?

We understand that every student might have a dynamic way of interacting with staff on campus, and that advocating for yourself is like a muscle – you have to practice to get used to using it. One great resource that your student can use is to utilize involvement advising through the Student Leadership Involvement and Community Engagement Office (SLICE). Involvement advisors are students first and foremost. They understand the difficulties of balancing so many stressful aspects of being in college, while looking for ways to find community and get involved. This can show up for your student in all sorts of ways. It doesn’t necessarily need to be clubs – they can also tie you to campus events, opportunities outside of SLICE.

What about university-sponsored events?

The CSU Event Calendar is constantly updated with what is available on campus to attend, including meetings held by more broad organizations. You can also break the calendar down into different units, including academic, virtual and more. 

We hope this is either a helpful start or a useful reminder as we begin to think about Spring 2021. You are always welcome to reach out to Parent and Family Programs by emailing us at or calling our line at 970-491-6680 if you need assistance in helping your student explore other options.

We wish you well, RamFam!

Parent and Family Team