Accelerated Programs: A Pathway to Early Graduation

Accelerated Programs are designed for students to graduate in less than four years. Students can make steady academic progress, complete their degree early, and be on their way to their next chapter in life.

Participating Programs

Colorado State University students pursuing select programs of study may graduate by the end of their third spring or summer term. First-year students and those entering CSU with prior credit (AP, IB, transfer, etc.) may use applicable courses to accelerate their graduation. A diverse selection of Accelerated Programs is currently offered within:

  • The College Business
  • The College of Health and Human Sciences
  • The College Liberal Arts
  • The College of Natural Sciences
  • Warner College of Natural Resources

Summer Flexibility

Students who graduate in 3 or 3 ½ years will need to invest in summer tuition, fees, and related expenses, but may reduce their overall cost of attendance. The opportunity to enter a graduate or professional degree program or begin earning a professional salary earlier may enhance lifetime earnings.

Students may take courses over two or three summers to supplement fall and spring courses. The summer schedule provides for flexible scheduling. Courses span four-, eight-, and 12-week terms. Additional varying-length terms include weekend options. Summer courses allow credit to be earned in condensed time frames while creating an immersive focus on a few subjects.

Online summer courses are available within most programs of study. Summer is typically an ideal time to take experiential courses such as service learning, research, and internships. One-of-a kind settings, such as the CSU Mountain Campus, field studies, and faculty-led study abroad contribute to memorable learning experiences and friendships.

Steady progress. Early completion. Next chapter.

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