Colorado State was founded in 1870 and there’s a tradition at CSU for students to complete the “70 Things To Do Before You Graduate”.  But, did you know there’s also a tradition for you?

Parent and Family Programs created the “18 Things To Do With Your Student” list for you! As an important part of your student’s support network, we encourage you to get to know CSU and the Fort Collins community. Whether you’re tackling the whole list in one visit or over the course of your student’s time at CSU, take a look at these 18 ways to share CSU with your student!

  1. Participate in Ram Welcome parent and family programming.*
  2. Share a meal with your student at a dining hall or in the LSC.
  3. Attend Homecoming and Family Weekend and get your picture with CAM the Ram!*
  4. Tour the recently renovated LSC. Be sure to check out the CSU story walls and murals.
  5. Learn the CSU Alma Mater or Fight Song and sing it with your student (even over the phone!).*
  6. Share an al fresco lunch on the Oval.
  7. Have your student introduce you to their favorite professor.
  8. Attend a CSU sporting event. (Or watch from home while your student attends!)
  9. Attend a concert or performance at the University Center for the Arts.
  10. Visit the Annual Flower Trail Garden while it’s in full bloom.
  11. Visit Old Town Fort Collins. (Bonus for riding the MAX or other Transfort bus to get there!)
  12. Sport your green and gold and have your picture taken with one of the seven ram statues on campus.*
  13. Take a selfie with the ‘A’ in the background.
  14. Go to an art show in the Curfman Gallery.*
  15. Hug a tree in Sherwood Forest.*
  16. Take a picture with your student at the place on campus that means the most to them.*
  17. Take a family picture on the steps of the administration building with your CSU graduate.
  18. Encourage your student to do all 70 things on the “70 Things to Do Before You Graduate” list.*

* Items that are also on the student list “70 Things to Do Before You Graduate”